Last spritz drunk on our rooftop shiver in our memories, suntan lines fade out our skin and soon will the pumpkin rot in the gardens. They will all be replaced by lights and candles. Yes ! You got it : Christmas is approaching so fast ! Good new : there are still rooms available for your stays in family on week-ends or lovefull travel on weekdays.

Strasbourg is going to adorn itself, and so we will, of a thousand garlands, lights and firs. Everywhere will be smells of sugar and cinnamon, flickers and flashes, lights and pendants. And once your walk is over, with your head full of memories, you will enjoy finding the cozy comfort of your room or the warm and soft atmosphere of our Black & Wine Bar. And the day after, starting with a marvelous invigorating breakfast, you will make it again for more and more beautiful moments at the Christmas Market!

From Friday, November 22nd to December 24th at 6 pm, there are nearly 300 small chalets filled with magic and Christmas wonders, you will discover and enjoy. As a caring guardian from the top of his 9 meters high, the big Christmas Tree of the place Kléber will ensure the success of your gourmet and fairy road. Candy canes, marshmallows and warm wines (consider some moderation in tasting) will compete for your favors with gingerbread and of course the inevitable Christmas Bredele.

Should Strasbourg not exotic enough, please remember this year’s invited country to our Great Christmas Market is Lebanon !

Brilliant as a lighthouse in the starry night, to guide you to the warmth of your ‘a few days’ home, our facade fully and beautifully renovated will be for you a second Christmas Star. You are not lucky enough to come before Christmas ? Do not bother ! Our beautiful city of Strasbourg will keep on purpose for you some Christmas chalets open until the 31st for your greatest pleasure.

In the very heart of Strasbourg and the Christmas Markets, our whole staff is glad to welcome you and thus, contribute also to the magic of Christmas.